Lizard Lounge

This is a fairly new game in the online casino community. Developed by Wizard Gaming this is a five reel slot game, offering twenty paylines. The theme of this game is centered on a time when the disco was king, the cars were fast, and so were the women. This game depicts a fun atmosphere in a nightclub. The scene becomes comical as the game progresses. There is a lot of polyester present, and there is even a girl with pepper spray to keep creeps at bay. Packed full of two piece suits and slicked back hair this game is a testament to the history of casinos.

For a game developer in its early stages of life Wizard Gaming has done a good job with the graphics on this game. In this game the use of comical and interesting characters really adds to the nuance of the game. As well it offers a comic relief that is refreshing. Offering clear and vivid symbols and icons the designers left out a lot of the useless stuff. The sounds in this game are of course disco themed, and for a player who isn’t feeling “groovy” they can be turned off.

When you start the game you will need to choose your coin denomination. The minimum size is .01, with a maximum denomination of .50. You are able to bet up to ten coins per payline with this slot game. There is a jackpot offered with this game as well, it is 2500 coins. When five wild symbols appear in a line on the reels you receive a payout of 2500 coins. When five scatters appear across a line the payout is 120x your wager offering a significant opportunity that is however limited by the relatively low coin denominations


  • Bonus game on the second screen
  • Offers a good payout of scatter symbols


  • No free spin game
  • No progressive jackpot
  • Relatively low denominations
  • Low fixed jackpot

When you first enter this game setup is relatively easy. Using the plus and minus symbols on the screen to choose your coin denominations. As well you will use similar buttons to select which paylines you want to be activated. Further you will use similar buttons to choose how many coins you are wagering on each line (the maximum is ten).

In the game the wild symbol is represented by the “pepper spray girl”. The scatter symbol is a disco ball, and there is also a bonus symbol. This symbol is the Firebird (the car). When the firebird appears on reals two, three, and four the bonus game is triggered. In this game you will be presented by seven silhouettes on screen. You will select on in hopes that it will reveal a bonus payout. If you are lucky and do in fact receive a bonus payout, you will be able to choose again. In this game there are two ways that it can end. You will either get the “Jackpot Kiss”, if this happens you will receive all the bonus payouts. Or you will get a booby prize, in which after a comical animation puts you back into normal play on the first screen.