Fearless Frederick

Fearless Frederick is an easy to learn online slots game that will feel familiar to anyone who has played a Microgaming slots game in the past. It’s built around a superhero theme which gives the game its own personality, and it offers variable coin sizes, a sizeable main jackpot, and 30 lines of play.

Visuals and Presentation

Microgaming have been in the online casino industry for a long time, and there’s no doubt that they know how to put a nice looking game together. The graphics in Fearless Frederick are simple, while being colorful and cheerful. Don’t mistake simplicity for poor presentation however, color choices and the overall graphic design has been used to make a game that appears both exciting and inviting.

Unique to the game are the superhero themed characters. Fearless Frederick is the main character and the superhero, and players will find other nicely designed icons like the flying saucers, the sidekick girl, the sports car, and the superhero suit. Animations are used to good effect, with Fearless Frederick being the most impressive as he flies off in to the sky when wild events are triggered.

When it comes to sound there are nice winning indicators and general game sounds, however the theme music is lacking, and could have been a bit more driving and upbeat.


Players will be familiar with the gameplay in Fairless Frederick, with the now industry standard wild and scatter symbols featuring in the game. The wild symbol is Fearless Frederic, and he substitutes for any other symbol when players are making lines. The scatter symbol can appear anywhere, and if there are three or more the bonus round and free spins will be triggered.

Coin denominations in this game range from 0.01 to 0.20. The maximum bet allowed is 300, and up to 20 lines of play can be bet on. This offers enough combinations to allow players variety in their bets.

Jackpots and Bonuses

Many of the modern online slot machine games offer bonus features to keep play interesting, and it’s good to see that Microgaming has taken this route with Fearless Frederick.

When scatter events are triggered, the game will enter Fearless Frederick mode. This is a second screen game where players will choose an action for Frederick to perform. These missions keep in line with the superhero theme, and the results are randomized. If Frederick succeeds in his mission, players will be awarded with either free spins, or a randomized coin bonus. In free spin mode the payouts are tripled, and if three scatter symbols are revealed the free spin mode can be retriggered. Players will get 2x their original bet if Frederick fails the mission.

This game also includes the gamble feature when claiming payouts, where players are offered a simple red or black guessing game to double all, or a portion of their payout.

The maximum set jackpot is 7000, and the secondary jackpot is 2000. There is no progressive jackpot available for players in this game.

What’s Hot

The main jackpot of 7000 will be enough to keep most players happy, and even the secondary jackpot of 2000 is acceptable for a game with a 300 coin bet limit. The fun graphics, addition of a bonus game, and the option to gamble on payouts make Fearless Frederick an all-rounder that should satisfy most online slots players.

What’s Not

No progressive jackpot means that players are limited to the set jackpots, and the maximum bet of 300 coins could be limiting to players who like to play with high roller bets. The music could be better, but this doesn’t take much away from the game overall.

Final Thoughts

Fearless Frederick is a well-rounded online slot machine game that offers enough chances to win, plenty of variety in gameplay, and some beautiful cartoon graphics to wrap it all up. Players looking for progressive jackpots might not be interested, but for everyone else this game is well worth a try.