Imagine going back in time when dinosaurs ruled the earth. As a caveman you’d be the hunter or the hunted. Or insanely rich, if you encountered the Cashasaurus. Wizard Gaming has created a whimsical game that takes you back in time to win legendary amounts of cash.

Cashasaurus is a five reel slot machine that features 25 pay lines and up to 10 coins per line. As the reels spin, they may land on a series of dinosaurs, a cave woman, caveman Wild Bob or Gary. Gary is the bonus icon and triggers the bonus game.

This game is one that has a very entertaining and colorful theme associated with it. Graphics are constant and the caveman theme is incorporated into bonus games for a nice transition. Sounds are perfectly matched to each event. They are vibrant, uplifting and certainly make playing Cashasaurus a pleasurable experience.

Played from your computer at an online casino, the Auto Play feature is an important one. Players can click this button and allow the software spin for a specific number of times. This reduces interactions and allows for constant excitement. The auto play feature can be stopped early if desired. Players simply need to unselect it.

What’s Hot?

  • Auto Play features to keep the game going.
  • 25 Pay Lines
  • Themed Bonus Game
  • Impressive Colorful Graphics

What’s Not Too Hot?

  • A Lack of Options
  • No Free Spins Available

When the Cashasaurus is activated, you click on the “spin” button. This is found at the right hand corner at the bottom of your screen. Gary is used to trigger the bonus game on reels 2, 3 and four. After some animation, players are presented with eight weapons to choose from. The item may present you with a bonus or jackpot. If a bonus is behind the weapon, you win that amount. If you find the jackpot you are awarded all amounts.  If you find a booby prize, you are returned back to the standard game.

The bonus game does randomize the values behind the object. For example, a boomerang may hold the top prize when you throw it at the dinosaur one round. The next, it might contain a booby prize behind it. Each item has a chance of being a winner, regardless at how “obvious” it is as a weapon. Players shouldn’t choose weapons based on their logical side.

Cashasaurus is perhaps one of the most exciting casino games you’ll find online. The game is easy to learn and simple to play. In fact, beginners find that this is one of the easier games to break into while getting their feet wet with online gambling. While veteran players love the thrilling bonus game and sharp animation and bright colors. All while winning a great deal of cash in this game.

If you are ready to experience the ancient world of dinosaurs, combined with the excitement of slots, look no further than Cashasaurus. This is one game that will let you experience true prehysterics.