The Osbournes

If you are a fan of Ozzy Osbourne or the entire Osbourne clan, this slot machine game is going to be very appealing to you! It is one of the best in terms of the new software used to create it. This is a family that is known for their antics, their crazy heavy metal music (Black Sabbath) and family all rolled into one.

There is one wild symbol found in this slot machine game. When it comes up, it can be substituted for any other symbol in the game. Should that mean a payout combination, you will win money. The Osbournes symbol is the wild one for this particular game. It seems to come up frequently which increases your chances of a payout.

There are two scatter symbols offered and they will result in free spins. The two scatter symbols featured within The Osbournes slot machine game are The Mini and the Knocker. You will be happy to learn they don’t have to show up on a pay line either in order for you benefit from them. With many other slot machine games, the scatter symbols won’t count if they aren’t on a pay line you wagered on.

There are three bonus games offered that players can choose to participate in. This means the game very detailed and offering more bonuses than the average slot machine. You also get to select regular or expert mode. If you would like to speed up the play time, you can set up the Quick Spin feature. You can also choose the AutoPlay mode to reduce overall interactions with the game.

The first bonus game is Knock Knock and you can win up to 5x what you wagered. If you get three Knocker symbols during a reel spin, this bonus game will open up. The Mini Free Spin bonus game opens up when you get three or more Mini symbols during a spin. This entitles you to 10 free spins with any winnings paying 2x. This bonus has a potential payout of 300,000 coins!

The final bonus game is Grab a Gift Bonus and it is randomly going to occur. When it opens, you get to pick a gift. Then you win the bonus it reveals. This can be up to 6,000 coins. The Osbournes is a 5 reel game with 20 pay lines. You can wager up to 200 coins per spin. You can choose various coin value options for play.

This helps you to decide if you want to keep the wagers on the lower end or you want to increase them for more chances to win. The payouts seem to be more than the average slot machine game. While there isn’t a progressive jackpot, you can still win plenty by playing it.

This is a fun theme that brings pop culture to life in the form of a video game. There are plenty of ways to win and decent payouts offered. Overall, it is a game that will keep you entertained due to the theme and the graphics it offers.


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