Burning Desire

When it comes to online casino software, Microgaming is certainly very well known with their great gaming interfaces. Burning Desire is just one of the many video slot games that they have to offer and it is perfectly in keeping with their already excellent reputation. Although it has not been available as long as some of their other offerings, it already enjoys a substantial fan base thanks to its intriguing design, great game play and fantastic winnings potential. For instance, there are no fewer than 243 ways to win and players can wager as many as 250 coins on each spin when playing this five-reel video slot game.

Players also have the advantage of being able to choose to play in one of two gaming modes, namely, regular mode or expert mode. There is also a handy auto-play feature that players can activate while playing in the expert mode. This auto-play feature makes it possible for players to set automatic bets, which means that they are then free to get on with other things even while playing the game.

As with all video slot games, Burning Desire has a Scatter symbol, which in this case is the Coin. It can appear on any of the five reels and acts as a stand-in for the regular symbols. This means that it completes winning combinations. The Burning Desire symbol also acts as the Wild symbol and this also completes winning combos. Players must take note, however, that the Wild symbol only acts as a completing symbol when it is not a Scatter combo.

The Bonus features are simple to understand and a major reason for the games popularity. When three or more Scatter symbols (the Coin) appear on any of the five reels, no fewer than fifteen free spins are awarded as a bonus. This is obviously better than some other video slot games that award fewer free spins in Bonus rounds, but this higher number of free spins in the Bonus round is only part of the story, because any winnings during the Bonus free spins are automatically tripled. As if that was not enough, Burning Desire sweetens the deal even further, because if another three or more Coin symbols appear, the player gets to enjoy yet another fifteen free spins, which means that they can accumulate as many as 90,000 coins.

The free spins Bonus feature is certainly not something to scoff at, but this is not the only bonus play offered. There is also the Gamble Bonus Game which is activated whenever the player wins and makes it possible for players to enjoy even greater winnings. When the Gamble Bonus Game is activated, players are presented with a face-down card. All they need to do is to guess whether the card is either red or black in color, so they have a 50/50 chance of guessing correctly.

If the player does guess correctly, their winnings are automatically doubled. The great thing about this Bonus feature is that the player has the right to choose to take this gamble up to five times in a row. There is also the Burning Diamond symbol that will payout a jackpot of 3,000 coins when five appear in a row.

The maximum bet button on the bottom of the user-friendly interface ensures that players can simply click this button to wager the maximum 250 coins on each spin. Without a doubt, Burning Desire has plenty to offer what with the winning potential of the Gamble Bonus Game, expert mode and auto-play feature, not to mention the fact that there are so many ways of winning. The only drawbacks to this video slots game is that there are only five paylines, which can be somewhat bewildering for some players, and the graphics could be improved. Other than that, Burning Desire by Microgaming is a great video slot game.