Lucky Eggsplorer

Lucky Eggsplorer, with its 5 reels and 30 paylines is another offering from Microgaming, a leading producer of online video slot games that is famous for the quality of their games and a leading force in the industry. There is a maximum bet of $75.00 with payouts ranging from $30,000 to over $80,000. This online video casino slot game is based on the explorations, travels and adventures of Captain Chook, the rooster, and is set on backgrounds of sky, beaches and sea. The characters include Chook, a second rooster, and a character called Dancer, who is all on a voyage of discovery as they sail around in their ship, which is called the Endfeather. In keeping with the exploratory theme, the symbols include a map, a ship’s wheel, the Endfeather, Dancer, and the other rooster.

As soon as you begin to play the game you cannot fail to notice that eggs play a significant role. Because eggs are so prominent in the game it is a fun game to play around Easter. This is no coincidence, however, because what some do not know is that Microgaming actually released the Lucky Eggsplorer video slot game to coincide with Easter time.

During game play the Wild symbol is Captain Chook himself and the Scatter symbol is the map that Chook and company use during their travels. When the map symbol appears on the reels it automatically triggers bonus credits and the aptly named Journey feature. This is when players can take advantage of the free spins that are offered. Although animations are limited, they are of a high quality and they are to be found whenever the Scatter and Wild symbols appear and denote a payout. In fact, the animations when the Journey feature is triggered are really quite entertaining and perfectly in keeping with Microgaming’s good reputation for producing top quality slot games software.

At the start of the game, players have to decide on the coin size they wish to wager, as well as the number of paylines they wish to play. Players must also decide how many coins they want to wager for each activated payline. Once these decisions have been made, a simple click of the “spin” button sets the game in motion. Players can wager up to 10 coins on each activated payline, which means that there is a maximum bet of 300 coins. This step can be avoided by simply taking advantage of the “max bet” feature.

As with many of Microgaming’s video casino slot games, there are two modes of play – Regular mode and Expert mode. The auto-play feature is only available in Expert mode, which means that players can take advantage of this feature and continue to play the game even when they are not physically interacting with the software.

Unfortunately, the Wild symbol does not multiply payouts in Lucky Eggsplorer but the fixed jackpot of 6,000 coins makes up for this fact. The jackpot is only relevant, however, provided that five of the Wild symbol appear on a single payline. Scatter payouts occur only when two or more of the Scatter symbol appears. The Journey feature is triggered automatically only when three Scatter symbols appear in any position on the reels. The Journey feature provides the player with a map depicting five different birds. The player then gets to choose three of the birds and will be awarded bonus credits and free spins in accordance with his or her choices. Payouts are tripled during the free spins. Unfortunately, however, the Journey feature cannot be started again but after the player has chosen the three fowl, they still get their five free spins and a Bonus game.

Lucky Egglsplorer is an attractive slots game to play. With its auto-play feature, great Bonus feature, and entertaining and attractive graphics, it is certainly one that should be tried by any fan of video slot games.