The Great Galaxy Grab

Are you ready to experience a galactic romp like nothing you’ve ever seen before? Slot machines by themselves are interesting, no one can deny that, but add a little bit of intergalactic intrigue and you have the ultimate recipe for fun, and we’re not exaggerating in the least. The Great Galaxy Grab is a unique game, and Microgaming has done a great job of adapting it to the Galactic Pirates theme. The game features a unique story that even comes with an introductory movie. The game features characters like:

  • Dan Rusty
  • Dozer
  • Captain Bronzebeard
  • Steel Scarlet

The addition of tangible characters and a great story makes for better immersion, and promises that you will be coming back again and again to romp through the galaxy. Not only does the machine feature incredible depth and immersion, it also has top of the line graphics. Unlike most slot games, this one features graphics rendered in full 3D rather than typical hand drawn or flat images. Some of these even feature animations, such as Dan lighting his cigar with a blowtorch among other things. As the player progresses, the backgrounds and environments will change, giving the player a feeling of accomplishment. It might not sound like it makes much of a difference, but slot games have never been this beautiful before!

In starting the game, players will be tasked with choosing their coin denomination, and as usual, this is determined by presses of the +\- signs below the corresponding lines button. In addition to that, just as with every other slots game, matches can occur on each and every line, but ONLY enabled paylines will give a win.

As with all other slots games, Galaxy Grab does feature a wild symbol that doubles payouts, though no fixed jackpot. If you manage to achieve three or more, you will be rewarded with ten free spins providing a triple payout.

If the player achieve three or more Steel Scarlet symbols, the Space Chase is triggered which means six bonus rounds, each one in a different location. Each bonus offers different rewards, each one highly beneficial to the player. Of course this is all well and good, but how much money does the player stand to win by playing? In the base game, a player is able to win up to $36,500 with $11,000 in bonuses. Additionally, the player may with $109,050 in Free Spins. Still, this is a relatively low jackpot payment compared to other games of a similar type. Still, the game is easy to understand, has great graphics, and of course outstanding betting options. If you are looking for something new and different, this might just be one stop that you have to make as you peruse the different slot machines available online. Take a look at this one as soon as possible – there are hours of fun to be had, and potentially tons of money to be won. It won’t be long before you’re rolling in money AND fun!

What is Hot

-Beautiful Graphics

-6 Bonus Games with Space Chase Feature

-Free Spins Round

Not Too Hot

-Lot Jackpot Payments

-No Progressive Jackpot
Either way win or lose, this slot game is fun.