Mayan Princess

Mayan Princess is a 5 Reel online slot machine designed by Microgaming. It is based on an eye catching ancient Mayan theme, and takes a more realistic artistic approach than many of the cartoon based slot machines that are found online. With such an impressive theme, does this game have the goods to deliver on the gaming front as well? Let’s spin the reels on Mayan Princess and find out.

Theme and Presentation

The presentation of this game will immediately stand out, even for players who have tried their luck on other modern online slot machines.

The game is based on the Mayan culture, and every icon and design embellishment in the game reflects this. The icons are represented by figures like the Mayan Princess, a proud Mayan Warrior, a Crocodile, and stylized images of the sun, chili peppers, and even cobs of corn. The art is drawn realistically, which is a refreshing change from the common cartoon style that features in other popular games.

Such beautiful artwork would be satisfying on its own, but there’s even more to enjoy with the animations that have been included. Microgaming has gone all out with the animations, and players will find more detail here than what is typically found in the competition. The crocodile opens his jaws, players will see a sun rising from behind a pyramid, and the corn even sheds its kernels. There are almost as many animations as there are icons, and this makes Mayan Princess one of the most impressive online slots games when it comes to presentation.

The music and sounds are as good as the graphics, perfectly complementing the Mayan theme.


With such impressive presentation, players will expect a lot from the game, however this is where things become a little bit disappointing.

There’s a maximum coin bet of 200 set on the game, and denominations are from 0.01 to 0.20. There are 20 paylines in total, however players are still limited by what they can bet.

The typical icons are found in the game, including the scatter and wild icons. The Mayan Princess is the wild, with the majestic Mayan Pyramid represents the scatter. The wild symbol can be used to complete lines, but it doesn’t add a multiplier as it would in most games. The scatter symbol can unlock free spins, but it doesn’t offer any coin bonus. Again, this is unusual when compared to most games.

Jackpots and Bonuses

The maximum fixed jackpot in Mayan Princess is 5000 coins, with the secondary jackpot being only 300 coins. This will be disappointing to many players, especially considering that there is no progressive jackpot to make up for this.

There’s no bonus game to speak of, but there is the usual free spins mode. This mode is fairly basic, and when triggered it will offer a random number of free spins ranging from 10 to 20, and all payouts will be doubled. Scatter symbols can retrigger free spin mode.

What’s Hot

The graphics help Mayan Princess stand out from the crowd of games online. Players who are interested in ancient South American culture will be drawn to the game, along with people who enjoy high quality online slots graphics. The overall presentation is the strongest aspect of the game.

What’s Not

Low fixed jackpots, a lack of bonus coins for scatter symbols, and no multiplier from wild combinations are a big disappointment. The addition of a progressive jackpot could help to balance out these omitted features, but sadly the game lacks this as well.

Final Thoughts

Mayan Princess is not a bad game, it’s just that it falls short in the variety of gameplay. The visuals are beautiful, and with extensive animations it would be difficult to find a better looking game today. The problem is that with lower jackpots and fewer bonuses, seasoned slots players will find little to keep them interested. However, new players and those who don’t want to make high stakes bets might find this game to be a good looking introduction to the world of online slots.