Spiderman Revelations

Welcome to one game and one hero that needs absolutely no introduction: Spiderman Revelations. This is yet another incredible game from Cryptlogic featuring a full five reels and twenty-five paylines. It also breaks the mold by allowing a maximum bet of up to twenty-five coins as opposed to the usual twenty that you would have from other slot machines.

The game features an ongoing battle against the brilliant but jaded Doctor Octopus, and Spiderman himself serves as the wild symbol, saving the day, and doing whatever a spider can. The rest of the icons on the reels are of course Spiderman themed, including the Revelations logo which serves as the scatter symbol.


High value cards are covered with sticky spider webs

The game features a progressive jackpot, so bet high

Doctor Octopus feature is triggered with three or more scatter symbols

The primary symbols in the game are animated whenever they make up the winning combination. Before the player begins, they will choose their coin denomination, and there are a full eleven options. These denominations will increase in increments of 1.00 until such time as they reach 5.00. Also remember that plyers will need to enable up to twenty-five paylines which can be managed by pressing the arrows on either side. While winning combinations can occur in any payline during the operation of the game, you will only be paid for those that appear in the activated paylines. Honestly, there is not much you can do about this, as it is a game of chance.

As the wild symbol, Spiderman replaces any symbol in the payline as a winning combination, providing a fixed jackpot of 5000 coins. Scatter payouts will appear randomly , featuring a payout of 100 coins. When three or more scatter symbols appear, the Doctor Octopus feature will manifest, causing the good Doctor to appear atop a train, throwing a passenger at Spiderman. At this point the player can choose to save the passenger, moving on to the free spins.

When it comes to the progressive bet, players will be glad to know that this one is actually tied into the Marvel progressive jackpot, meaning it shares a jackpot with several other games produced by Marvel. Information on these games and the jackpot can be obtained by looking at the area above the slot machine, and the Jackpot will increase with the larger pets. You among everyone else that plays will have a chance to win that jackpot, and obviously, the more that is put into the game, the larger the jackpot will be. If you prefer to ‘leave luck to heaven’, you can always choose to put the machine on auto and see where fate takes you.

Spiderman is a great franchise, now paired with an incredible slot machine experience. Do whatever a spider can and win that jackpot!

What is Hot

-Based on Spiderman!

-Great Graphics

-Awesome Sound

-Three different progressive jackpots


Not too Hot

  -Those familiar with more complex slots games may find Spiderman Revelations features overly simple gameplay.